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Manager Tools and Information

Manager Helpful Tools and Links

Below you will find helpful tips while you navigate the new GotSport program.  See the topics below or scroll through the page to find what you need to help you.

Get Game Day Ready

These items are important for Game Day and are outlined below.

  • Referee Pay
  • Printing Your Game Card
  • Accessing Your Virtual ID Cards
  • Don't forget to bring two Corner Flags!

Roster & Club Pass

These items below are important prior to game day and are outlined below.

  • How to Update your Event Roster
  • How to Notify us 
  • How to upload your official roster
  • How to add a Club Pass Player

Rules & League Policies

These items are links to other pages on our site that may need to reference.

How to Print Your Game Cards

Follow these steps below Print Your Game / Match Cards

  • Login to your GotSport Account
  • Click on Team Management
  • Click on MATCHES
  • Select your Team from the dropdown and select the Girls Classic League 2021-2022 Event CLICK SEARCH!
  • View the list of matches and to right of the match you want, there are three dots "  ...  "   
  • Click those three dots and select "PRINT MATCH CARD"
  • On the Popup window, choose STANDARD and EXPORT
  • Your Match Card will generate in PDF and you can print it.

Virtual ID Cards on your mobile Device

  • Login to GotSport
  • Click on Team Management
  • Click on your Team
  • Click on Rosters
  • Use the drop down to choose Girls Classic League 2021-2022
  • Click SEARCH!
  • Scroll down and click Documents & IDs
  • Click Virtual Cards

How to Report /Enter Your Score

  • Visit the Public Schedule Page or click on this link:
  • Use the PIN that is located on your game card
  • Enter YOUR game #
  • If either team received misconduct or send offs occurred. Report that to your Age Group Commissioner

Referee Pay

Please note below. Cash only at the field and exact change as outlined below. Make sure to Scroll to the right to see the entire table.



Age Group Middle (Ea. Team pays half) Linesman (Ea. Team pays one AR)
11U / 12U $46 ($23 from ea. team) $32 (from ea. team)
13U / 14U $60 ($30 from ea. team) $40 (from ea. team)
15U / 16U $64 ($32 from ea. team) $44 (from ea. team)
17U / 18U / 19U $76 ($38 from ea. team) $50 (from ea. team)

How to Update Your Roster

If you have add/remove a player or change a player's jersey #. You will need to let us know. We clone your EVENT roster from your home association.

  • Contact your home association
  • Make the changes with your home association
  • Once they have approved/made the changes you must NOTIFY us. 
  • See how to Notify us below and also see how to upload your new official roster.

How to use the Notify Button

  • Login to GotSport
  • Click on Team Management
  • Click on your team
  • Click on Team Registrations
  • Click on our Girls Classic League  Event
  •        (If you see an Orange Yield sign next to the event. It means there is a message waiting for you.)
  • Once you have clicked on our event, you can read any messages left for you regarding your team and also click NOTIFY in  the top right to leave us a message.

We work through the Notify messages one by one, please be patient as we get to your teams questions or updates.

How to upload your Official Roster to GotSport

  • Login to GotSport
  • Click on Team Management
  • Click on your team
  • Click on Team Registrations
  • Click on our Girls Classic League 2021-2022 Event
  • Click on Registration
  • You should see an edit button - click that and scroll down, you should see a place to upload when you scroll down through the list of questions..

Club Pass Instructions

Club Pass Functionality is now available. We know this is going to present challenges with the new system. Follow these instructions below and we will ALL get through it!

YOU MUST FILL OUT A CLUB PASS REQUEST FORM and IT MUST BE APPROVED for EACH GAME you are requesting players. Players must be added first to your account before you fill out the form. Follow these steps below:

  • Login to your GotSport Account
  • Go To Team Management
  • Click on Your Team
  • Click on Rosters at the Top
  • Pull the drop down menu down and choose Girls Classic League 2021-2022 and click SEARCH <--don't forget to hit Search
  • Click the Add Club Pass Player button at the top of your GCL event roster
  • Enter the Player's Name and click Search. If you are having issues locating the player, 1st check the spelling, 2nd go to your Club Admin and make sure they are in your club's main account.  If you are still having issues, contact us and we will try to help. We don't have access to your team accounts or club accounts but we may be able to help you trouble shoot.
  • If you have successfully found the player they will appear,  Select the Affiliate as USYS, enter their jersey # that they will be wearing and click Add. DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING ELSE
  • Now go fill out the Club Pass Form using this link:
  • Once your form has been submitted, we will verify all is correct and within our rules. USE ACCURATE INFORMATION. DON'T FORGET TO HIT SAVE at the bottom of the form. You will know your form has been submitted if you receive a confirmation email and you see a copy of the form with your answers after you hit save.
  • You will get an email upon submitting the form and you will get an email when it's approved, or denied.
  • You can also check the status in your GotSport account by logging in and clicking on forms.
  • PRINT THE APPROVAL EMAIL and attach it to your game card.

***IMPORTANT: YOU CAN NOT EXCEED YOUR ROSTER LIMITS or MAX with approved club pass players.  However, You can NOT activate and deactivate players in the system at this time. ALL CPP PLAYERS are going to show on your game card. YOU MUST cross out/line out players manually that are not playing in the match on your game card and you MUST print and attach your CPP approval to your game card in the event there is a question on a player's eligibility.*** Any CP players appearing on your game card that are NOT marked out by you must have an approved Club Pass Form for that match in order to play.  For example: If your roster MAX is 18 players and you add 3 Club Pass Players, you will need to line out 3 Rostered players for that match.

Roster Max Limits are as follows:
11U/12U - 16 Players
13U/14U - 18 Players

15U-19U - 22 Players


Do know your deadlines!

Weeknight games: 1pm the day prior to your game

Weekend games: 5pm the Thursday prior to all weekend games.

League Policies

Uniform Policies Late Fee Policies Videographer/Photographer Policies

Manager Tools and Information

Before you head to the fields

  1. Mandatory Roster Checks will take place prior to every match. This will be done using Virtual ID Cards. It is your responsibility to make sure you have representative at the fields with a smart phone and access to GotSport and your team.  You must have a player photo for every rostered player in your account and ALL jersey #s must be correct. NO DUPLICATES.  For full instructions on how to view your Virtual ID Cards on your phone, see above or Please visit: 

  2. Print out your game card from GotSoccer nor more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled game. Printing your game card earlier will not yield accurate results and may not include approved Club Pass Players or Approved roster changes from your team or your opponents. See above for how to Print your game card.

REMEMBER, It is your responsibility to make sure your paperwork is correct. Double Check everything at least 24 hours prior to your game and before you leave for the field. 

All JERSEY #s on the player, must match your Official Roster, Game Day Roster and Virtual ID Cards.

ALL Virtual ID Cards must have a Photo Present.

Wrong Jersey # means the player CAN NOT play, No Photo means the Player CAN NOT play. This CAN all be avoided if you check these items at least 24 hours priors to your game and prior to leaving for your game!

Game Day Procedures - 

If you are the home team, you will need to provide a field marshal for your game. Click here for Field Marshal Instructions.

Bring your Match card (printed from GotSoccer) and the correct Ref Fees to your game and give to the referee prior to the match. Have your Smart Phone Ready to go with your Virtual ID Cards open. The referee will use your device and the game card to check in your team prior to kick off.

DO NOT ARGUE with the REFEREE if your paperwork is NOT CORRECT. All referees have been instructed to NOT allow a player to Play if the Jersey # is incorrect, or there is NO photo on the Virtual ID Card. Any issues, Call your Commissioner.

If you added any club pass players and they were APPROVED, print the approval and ATTACH the approval email to your game day ROSTER. They will appear in your Virtual ID Cards once added.

Post Game Procedures 

Following your game, collect your game card from the Referee.  Verify that all information he/she has recorded is correct. If cards are issued make sure there is a "Code" next to the appropriate player # to who the card was issued.

Return your game card to your commissioner and ENTER in your scores. See above for reporting your score. (Each commissioner has a specific way to receive game cards. Please make sure you contact your Age Group Commissioner for details on score and card reporting procedures.

Roster Update Procedures 

Rosters are frozen. If you need to update your roster, add, remove or change a player #. Please see the instructions above for Adding/Changing Your Roster.