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Manager Tools and Information

2020 GCL Managers Meeting (Recording)

Use the link below to access the recorded meeting.

IMPORTANT: Fast Forward to about the 29 minute mark so you can skip through everyone joining in.

Topic: GCL Mandatory Mgr Meeting
Start Time : Aug 9, 2020 05:14 PM

Meeting Recording:

How to choose your blackout dates..

Instructional video on how to choose your blackout dates.
Deadline Spring Season black out dates are due by December 14th at 5pm. share/ NI6EnaXfMhsuzikU0l04c2Xv9z8wAt 7PZyU- T0FtGaFZ5bJxcDZdJCBeerMe497L. xpZlIEj3VGrA2-a_

Video Length 5 minutes.

League Policies

Uniform Policies Late Fee Policies Videographer/Photographer Policies

GCL Waiver Instructional Video

Quick Video to help you get the GCL Waivers signed properly.


GCL Safety Protocols & Waiver

ALL Rostered individuals must sign our COVID-19 Safety Protocols and Liability Waiver. Failure to sign will PROHIBIT them from being added to your event roster.  


GCL Waiver RED X problems - How to solve.

Your parents claim they have signed the waiver, but you are still seeing a red X next to their name. CLICK HERE for steps on how to resolve the issue.

Manager Tools and Information

Before you head to the fields

  1. Mandatory Roster Checks will take place prior to every match. This will be done using Virtual ID Cards. It is your responsibility to make sure you have the GotSoccer Featured Event App installed on your SmartPhone or Tablet or a representative from your team.  You must have a player photo for every rostered player in your account and ALL jersey #s must be correct. NO DUPLICATES.  For full instructions on how to download the app, and use the Virtual ID Cards on your phone. Please visit: 

  2. Print out your game card from GotSoccer nor more than 24 hours prior to your scheduled game. Printing your game card earlier will not yield accurate results and may not include approved Club Pass Players or Approved roster changes from your team or your opponents. Click here for instructions on "Printing Your Game Card"

REMEMBER, It is your responsibility to make sure your paperwork is correct. Double Check everything at least 24 hours prior to your game and before you leave for the field. 

All JERSEY #s on the player, must match your Official Roster, Game Day Roster and Virtual ID Cards.

ALL Virtual ID Cards must have a Photo Present.


Wrong Jersey # means the player CAN NOT play, No Photo means the Player CAN NOT play. This CAN all be avoided if you check these items at least 24 hours priors to your game and prior to leaving for your game!

Game Day Procedures - 

If you are the home team, you will need to provide a field marshal for your game. Click here for Field Marshal Instructions.

Bring your game day roster (printed from GotSoccer) and the correct Ref Fees to your game and give to the referee prior to the match. Have your Smart Phone Ready to go with your Virtual ID Cards open. The referee will use your device and the game card to check in your team prior to kick off.

DO NOT ARGUE with the REFEREE if your paperwork is NOT CORRECT. All referees have been instructed to NOT allow a player to Play if the Jersey # is incorrect, or there is NO photo on the Virtual ID Card. Any issues, Call your Commissioner.

If you added any club pass players and they were APPROVED, activate them, print the approval and ATTACH the approval email to your game day ROSTER. They will appear in your Virtual ID Cards when activated. 

Post Game Procedures 

Following your game, collect your game card from the Referee.  Verify that all information he/she has recorded is correct. If cards are issued make sure there is a "Code" next to the appropriate player # to who the card was issued.

Return your game card to your commissioner and ENTER in your scores. CLICK HERE FOR SCORE REPORTING INSTRUCTIONS (Each commissioner has a specific way to receive game cards. Please make sure you contact your Age Group Commissioner for details on score and card reporting procedures.

Printing Game Day Rosters

  • Log in to your GotSoccer Team Account
  • Click on the LHGCL Event for this playing year.
  • Click on the Schedule tab
  • Find the game # you need to print a game card for. Click on the PDF icon near the game #. This will open or download your game card where you can then print it.

Roster Update Procedures 

Rosters are frozen. If you need to update your roster, add, remove or change a player #. You will need to do the following:

Contact your registrar to make the changes to your official NTX Roster. Changes must be made in your GotSoccer account as well.

Once these changes have been made by your registrar, they will send you a new Official NTX Roster. YOU MUST NOTIFY THE LEAGUE by following the instructions below. CHANGES From the Registrar are not automatically updated in our event.

1. Upload your NEW signed Roster to the Documents tab in our Event.
2. Email by the posted deadlines
3. Once the change has been approved, you will receive an email. Print your game card, check your Virtual ID Cards to make sure that the change is correct.