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3/19/20 League Important Message and Reminders


As we kick off the 2nd part of the spring season, I know many of you are anxious to get back to normal..we are too! Gov. Abbott's recent announcement regarding face coverings, left institutions/businesses to decide their policies. We are customers to these institutions and they have not changed their Covid-19 Safety policies to date. Please respect and adhere to those policies when visiting their fields. UTD in particular is very adamant that those that choose not to abide by their requirements will be asked to comply or leave.


  • Important reminders:
    • Face coverings are still required by EVERYONE entering and exiting the venues and while spectating. Those participating in a match, including the referees and players may remove their face covering when they are warming up and during the game. Players, please remember to have your face covering when entering and exiting the complex. The choice to wear a face covering is absolutely yours, but if you choose not to wear it, you will need to remain in your vehicle or not attend.
    • Parents - UTD allows two adults to spectate per rostered individual. If you must have more attend your game, they are welcome to sit outside the fenced area.  (If you must bring your small children/siblings with you, they must remain seated with you)
    • Spectators on 11v11 GCL games sit on the same side as their team. Spectators are not allowed to be close to the team bench. Try and spread out from the midfield line to the corner flag. 
    • 9v9 Games, the parents sit opposite the teams.
    • Important: At UTD You can not enter the gates and go to your field until the game prior to you has finished and exited their fields. Please make sure you send in a designated person to check on the status of the game prior to you. The same warm up areas are all available at UTD. DO NOT have your team crowd the gate waiting to go in. We promise the game will not start without you! At our other facilities, please maintain distance until the game prior to you has finished.

Thank you in advance for helping us stay within the requirements of our venues. We are looking forward to the beautiful weather and some fantastic soccer this weekend.

Girls Classic League

LHGCL Announces New League Notification App for your mobile device

Effective immediately - All Venue Updates and Breaking League info will be delivered through our new Free LHGCL app now available for download for your mobile devices. Please visit your app store and search for "LHGCL" or "Girls Classic League".

Make sure all push notifications are on for your specific device.