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League News

Expanded Roster Flexibility for GCL 2022-23

GCL Announces New and Expanded Roster and Club Pass Player Flexibility.


Club Pass Player Rule Changes

All teams in all age groups and divisions will have the ability to utilize up to 5 club Pass Players per match all year long including your last three games of the regular season. 

Revised GCL Rule:

A Receiving Team may include Club Pass Players on their Game Day Rosters for League games under all of the following restrictions:
A Receiving Team (11U – 18U) may include a maximum of 5 Club Pass Players on a single Game Day Roster and must comply with their Game Day Roster limit; Should the addition of Club Pass Player(s) cause the Receiving Team to exceed their Game Day Roster maximum, the Receiving Team must remove the appropriate number of their rostered Players to comply with the Receiving Team’s Game Day Roster limit.

A Club Pass Player may not appear on multiple Game Day Rosters on a given day within the same age group. A Club Pass Player may play in a different age group on the same day if eligible based on their age.

Expanded Player Pool Flexibility for 13U - 19U Division One Teams.

Teams in 13U - 19U Division One may add a player pool of eligible players (up to 30) for expanded roster flexibility through out the playing year. Certain restrictions apply and once a player pool is set you can not remove or exchange pool players for the entire year. Also teams that utilize a player pool are not eligible to Club Pass.

New GCL Rule: Roster Player Pool (13U – 19U Division I Teams Only)
Any 13U or older Division 1 team may utilize a roster player pool. A team's total pool of players including those on their official roster may not exceed 30 players total. Once a player has been added to their GCL Player pool, they are there for the entire playing year and cannot be removed or exchanged. Teams that utilize a player pool are not eligible to also utilize additional club pass players on their match day rosters:

Approved pool players must meet the following criteria.
1. Must be a registered NTX Competitive Player within their club or part of an approved GCL Club Alliance
2. Must be of the correct age. (For example, an 05 birth year player cannot be a part of a 2006 teams pool)
3. A player that is part of a team's roster pool, may appear in another eligible age groups pool and may be utilized as a club pass player following all match day requirements and or club pass rules. New players may be added at any time until the 30-player limit has been reached. No existing approved pool players may be removed to make room for new players and no existing players may be exchanged once approved.

For instructions on now to request and add pool players to your roster CLICK HERE

Club Alliance

In an effort to provide smaller clubs the ability to access a larger player pool for club passing or utilizing a roster pool within GCL, a Club Alliance may be formed with approval by GCL. Clubs wishing to enter an alliance must meet certain criteria and apply electronically to be considered.

NEW RULE: Club Alliance
Two clubs that meet the GCL pre-defined criteria may form a club alliance to utilize a pool of club pass players between them. Club Alliances are formed by each submitting an application to GCL.

The applications will be reviewed by committee within 48 business hours and if approved, the club alliance will be in effect from the approval date until the end of the playing year. Club
Alliances are only valid for GCL League play and do not carry over into any other events. A club alliance can be utilized in eligible D1 age groups for pool players or for club pass playing across all age groups and divisions.

The Clubs/Teams are responsible for following all uniform policies.

Club Alliance Requirements
1. No more than two clubs may form an alliance.
2. Each club may have no more than 10 competitive age girls teams total. If at any time during the playing year this number exceeds 10 the Club Alliance may be dissolved by GCL.
3. Each club must be in good standing with GCL and NTX.
4. Once a club alliance is formed it is active for the remainder of the playing year.
5. Any players that are utilized in an alliance must follow all club pass rules and policies.

To Apply to be considered for a Club Alliance, both clubs must individually complete the Club Alliance application.

We are working to update our GCL Posted Rules with these additions and revisions. The above represents what has been approved and is effective immediately.

LHGCL Announces New League Notification App for your mobile device

Effective immediately - All Venue Updates and Breaking League info will be delivered through our new Free LHGCL app now available for download for your mobile devices. Please visit your app store and search for "LHGCL" or "Girls Classic League".

Make sure all push notifications are on for your specific device.