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Club Alliance

Club Alliance

In an effort to provide smaller clubs the ability to access a larger player pool for club passing or a roster pool withing GCL, a Club Alliance may be formed with approval by GCL. Clubs wishing to enter an alliance must meet certain criteria and apply electronically to be considered.

NEW RULE: Club Alliance
Two clubs that meet the GCL pre-defined criteria may form a club alliance to utilize a pool of club pass players between them. Club Alliances are formed by each submitting an application to GCL. The application will be reviewed by committee within 48 business hours and if approved, the club alliance will be in effect from the approval date until the end of the playing year. Club Alliances are only valid for GCL League play and do not carry over into any other events. A club alliance can be utilized in D1 for pool players or for club pass playing. The Clubs/Teams are responsible for following all uniform policies.

Club Alliance Requirements
1. No more than two clubs may form an alliance.
2. Each club may have no more than 10 competitive age girls teams total. If at any time
during the playing year this number exceeds 10 the Club Alliance may be dissolved by GCL.
3. Each club must be in good standing with GCL and NTX.
4. Once a club alliance is formed it is active for the remainder of the playing year.
5. Any players that are utilized in an alliance must follow all club pass rules and policies.

To Apply to be considered for a Club Alliance, both clubs must individually complete the Club Alliance application.