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Under 19

19U Information Page

Last Updated August 1,2021

We are working on seeding for Divisional play and will post an update as soon as it is available


All 19U play will be in the fall season - there will be no scheduled spring play.    Please make sure you have paid all league fees that are due.  Also note that referee fees have been maintained at last year's level - please have proper cash payment for each referee for all games.


When you send in your bond fee payment, please take the time to fill out the bond form under associated forms on the home screen of our league event in your Gotsoccer account.  That will let us track the payments and know where to send any reimbursement due at the end of the season.  
We anticipate a great fall season, and look forward to working with your team.   We recognize that COVID-19 regulations have relaxed but we are still subject to changes in regulations that may be imposed by the owners of the fields.

This page will be updated regularly as an information source for those teams  playing in GCL 19U in 2021-2022.  Hopefully this page will be able to provide the proper information to all concerned parties.



Please see the note below regarding  19U spring Play.

Last Updated July 13, 2020


Welcome to the 19U page.  You will find information here that will be helpful primarily for managers and coaches, but hopefully it will also answer questions for parents and players.  Please create a link in your browser favorites so you can check often for updates.  As I receive questions  during the year  that affect many people, I will try to answer them in the FAQ section.

This page will be updated regularly as an information source for those teams anticipating playing in LHGCL 19U in 2020-2021. This is a time of transition for teams, managers, and commissioners, so hopefully this page will be able to provide the proper information to all concerned parties.

Items updated

Game Day Procedures

The Field marshal for each weekend game will be provided by the home team for that game.  No vests or radios will be used.  The field marshal must sit or stand in the designated area near midfield and instructions for calling the trainer will be posted at that site.   If there are problems, call for a league official to come to your field.

Spring Play for 19U

In the past, GCL has tried to accommodate our 19U teams by having a tournament style play-off rather than standard league play during the spring portion of the season.  Four of those years were lost due to rain, and the one year we were able to play, the finals were not played due to a lack of interest.

In the interest of helping teams make plans, the league has decided to discontinue the spring play-off  and conclude all 19U play in the fall.  We are working on a plan to hold a showcase tournament  in the interest of having more players seen by college coaches before the signing date.  More information will be available as we get things more in place - stay tuned!


League Fees

Click here to see the league fees.

Regarding League fees for 19U

19U fees are slightly different from the other age groups, and Gotsoccer doesn't handle it well with the automatic aging process and differing team ages.  If you are claiming a bye, the bye fee of $700 is due by the posted deadline. The next fee is the registration/bond fee which is a $1000 registration fee (payable through your Gotsoccer account) and $400 bond due by the posted deadline. The bond  will be refunded in the spring if you meet all obligations in a timely manner, and for that reason, all bond fees must be paid by check or money order mailed to the league P.O. box.  Be sure and fill out the bond form to enclose with your bond payment in order to expedite the return of the bond.  No Charge payments are permitted on bond fees.  There is a field usage fee of $500 due in October..

To reiterate - the bond fee cannot be paid by credit or debit card - it must be posted by check or money order.


While you are filling out the bond form (located in the associated forms section of the opening league screen), go ahead and complete the conflicts form.


Adding Players to your Roster

Roster Update Procedures 

Rosters are frozen. If you need to update your roster, add, remove or change a player #. You will need to do the following:

Contact your registrar to make the changes to your official NTX Roster. Changes must be made in your GotSoccer account as well.

Once these changes have been made by your registrar, they will send you a new Official NTX Roster. YOU MUST NOTIFY THE LEAGUE by following the instructions below. CHANGES From the Registrar are not automatically updated in our event.

1. Upload your NEW signed Roster to the Documents tab in our Event.
2. Email by the posted deadlines
3. Once the change has been approved, you will receive an email. Print your game card, check your Virtual ID Cards to make sure that the change is correct.

The player will be eligible for competition ONLY when you  are notified by roster sthat all paperwork is correct.  Please allow time to do this - the deadline for adding a player for a weekend game is 5:00 pm the Thursday immediately prior to the weekend to allow time to complete all of the steps that the league has to execute in order to get your player eligible, and 1:00 pm the day prior to a weeknight game.  There is a deadline in place regarding player adds, CPP adds, and other requested roster changes - please check it out!

After you have been notified that your roster update has been approved, or you have received confirmation that the CPP was approved, check your Virtual IDs and make sure every number matches the game sheet.  We can't change things at the field!

Don't play an ineligible player!  Allow time for the paperwork to be processed.  And remember that your deadlines are not necessarily when we will be able to process your requests.  All of us have families and full time jobs, and sometimes they get in the way of soccer.

Commissioner Contact Information

Tom Withrow

Tom Withrow

U-19 Commissioner

Phone: Cell: 214.403.3160

Game Day Procedures

1. Print out your game card from Got Soccer. (I recommend you print your Game Card no earlier than the afternoon or evening prior to your scheduled game - as late as possible in order to list any CPPs used by your opponent.)

  • Login to your GotSoccer Team Account and click on our League Event.
  • Click on the schedule tab.
  • Select the PDF icon above the game # you wish to print and download the game card and print it.

2. Gather the correct amount of referee pay for your game. You must bring exact change so it can be distributed to the Referees as follows:

  • $66 Middle (each team pays Half the Middle, $33 ea.)
  • $42 Each Assistant Referee (Each team pays one AR $42)

3. Hand the Game Card and Exact Referee pay to the Referee prior to the game. Please approach the referee well prior to the pre-game coin toss and captain's meeting. This allows them to distribute pay, handle the Virtual ID player check-in, and prepare for your game properly.

4.  Have your Virtual IDs ready to be reviewed 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start time.  If you are going to be late, hand this duty off to someone else.  Make sure that another person is able to sign in to the team account in case you are unexpectedly delayed.

5. After the game is over, BOTH Managers need to collect the game cards from the referee. Inspect the card and verify that the score and any cards notated are recorded accurately.

6.  Entering Scores:  Instructions for entering your scores after the game can be found here: 

7.  After entering the scores, upload your game card to the documents section of your gotsoccer account.  You MUST  inform me via email or text if there were any cards shown or if any adults (coach, spectator, etc.) were dismissed from the game.  Please do so on the game day - this is for your protection so that you do not inadvertently play an ineligible player, or have an adult present that should not be there.

Some Helpful Apps

Scan to PDF / Apple or Android ($$)

TinyScan - PDF / Apple  (FREE)

Google Drive

These are just recommendations for easy scanning of Game Cards from your phone. They are not endorsements of a particular product.





League Rules. Read them. Know them.

NTSSA Bylaws and Rules

Bylaws and rules for our state soccer association. If the LHGCL rules don't cover it, your next stop is here.

FIFA/IFAB Laws of the Game (2019-2020

Laws of the Game. If it's not covered by the LHGCL or North Texas SSA rules, this is the place to go. These are the same laws that govern soccer play everywhere - from the World Cup all the way down to beginning recreational soccer. Please note that there has been a rewrite of the LOTG to create more consistency, and there have been a few changes to the Laws. There is even an app that you can download to get a quick review or the full set of Laws.

North Texas Youth Forms

Links to many forms you might need from the North Texas State Soccer Association.

Focus on ???

Remember when there were vacations not related to soccer!!??!!

2019/2020 SCHEDULES


Field Marshal Schedule

Field marshals will be provided by the home team on each game. See info elsewhere on this page.

Club Player Pass

Click here to access instructions and information about Club Player Pass

This Week's Feature

In this section you will find something that, at least to me, seems relevant at this time.  Maybe humorous, maybe serious, maybe informative.  We'll see as the season progresses.

And  when you need to see another great goal, click here.



Club  Player Pass Problem Possibilities

Review the posted deadlines regarding Roster changes and Club Player Pass submissions.  Late requests are denied....end of story. The deadlines are put in place to give us enough time to review the request and allows both teams a point in time that should allow them to print their game cards and have them match. All deadline information is on the website as well as a great tutorial for new managers.  Begin the process of adding your CPPs and/or new rostered players well before the deadline in the event there is an issue - and there is quite often an  issue.  Don't play an ineligible player!

If you have a club pass issue, e.g., can't find a player, try the following first:
a. Make sure the player's name is spelled correctly and you have selected the correct age group.
b. Make sure you are NOT maxed out on roster size. Max roster size for U19 is 22 and if you already have 22 activated, you will not be able to add a CPP until someone is deactivated.
c. Silly as it sounds, make sure the player is within your club and the team that the player is coming from is assigned to the same club. We have had a couple of instances where Club Names do not match on the team record, e.g., Pink Pandas vs Pink Pandas FC. If this occurs, go to your registrar to resolve that issue.  Also, registrars will occasionally have teams listed as independents, or may not have all of the club's players registered as members of that club.

d. And finally if all of the above is not working, then reach out to me for a possible solution.  The league has some tools that may be able to discover the problem and guide you to a solution.

Useful Links and Info

Frequently Asked Questions

As the season progresses I will post FAQs based on the most common questions I receive.

Q.  What is the bond fee?

A.  The bond fee of $400 is only applicable to the U19 age group.  It is your security deposit that guarantees that your team will complete all of its responsibilities for the year, e.g., not forfeiting any games, paying all fees in a timely manner, providing field marshals as requested, etc.  The league will deposit your check when it is received, and upon the completion of the season will refund to each team (or club, depending on who posted the bond) the entire fee if all responsibilities were met in a timely fashion.  The bond must be posted by check or money order - be sure and indicate the team name as well as "bond fee" on the payment.



Q: I have 5 players missing for an extracurricular non-soccer related activity. Can I have my game rescheduled?

A. Short Answer: NO.  Long Answer: We have over 220 teams in our league. Many teams have several dependencies, We have a certain number of fields and other limitations and restrictions. We don't say NO to be difficult. We say NO because your request could affect 5 other things. If we allowed every reschedule request, we would never play our full schedule.

Q: I missed the deadline to add a Club Player Pass for my next game. Can you make an exception?

A: Short answer: NO. Long Answer: We have deadlines in place to allow us enough time to review your request. If you anticipate that you MIGHT need a CPP, go ahead and fill out the request and leave the player deactivated if it turns out that you do not need her to play that day. No harm - no foul, and you keep yourself ahead of the dead line!  If you still feel your request should be granted, you can send an appeal letter in to me for review.

Q: We will be using the same Club Pass Player for several games, do I need to fill out a request for every game?

A: Short Answer: Yes!  Long Answer: Yes! We must review each request. 

Q:  We have a coach who coaches in another league (boys, college, Plano, etc.).  Can we get a reschedule?

A.  Short Answer:  NO.  Long answer: The league is not able to schedule around other leagues.  We do our best to minimize conflicts with other teams in LHGCL that have the same coach, but there is no way we can coordinate with every other outside league.