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League play suspended through the remainder of the 2020 Spring Season. Final Bye Determinations, promotion & relegation will be released as soon as possible.



The HOME team is required to provide one level-headed adult field marshal for each game. 

The field marshal is vital to the safety and wellbeing of the athletes.   The field marshal’s job is to observe and report activities coherently to either the trainer or the Lake Highlands official on duty. 


  • Pick up vest and radio from the LHGCL office (8 a.m. game) or the field marshal from the previous game on your field.

Note: If you are the 8am game, you must also pick-up the Ref Clipboard and hand it to your ref crew for that game. The clipboard stays at the field ALL DAY. Last game of the day brings all the equipment and the clipboard back to the office, or and official on a golf cart.

  • Wear yellow vest and carry radio
  • Stand or sit at midfield on the parents’ sideline
  • Check-in with the official on duty via radio by stating “field number - checking in”
  • Keep radio on channel 1 and at full volume at all times
  • Remain calm and unbiased at all times
  • Call for a trainer and give as much detail as possible when a player needs medical assistance.  Example: “I need a trainer on field 3, #20 in white.  Player is currently on the field.”
  • Call the LH official for all other issues that need attention, e.g., referee request, coach request, unruly parents, ejections, etc.
  • Hand radio to next field marshal coming on duty or if the last game of the day give the vest and radio  and clipboard to either a trainer or a LH official.


  • Leave the vest and radio on the ground or on the bench
  • Put the radio in a pocket, turn down the volume or change the channel
  • Get involved in disruptive behavior

Roster Changes, CPP Requests, and Concussion Clearance deadlines

All roster changes, CPP requests and concussion clearances must be submitted by the following deadline:

Weeknight games: Must be received by 1pm the day prior to your weeknight game

ALL Weekend games: Must be received by 5pm, the Thursday prior to your weekend game.



All Yellow and Red cards are reported on the game card. Team managers are no longer needed to fill out an additional report. See the A&D rules for more details on the card accumulation system.

Sit Out Verification

To be turned into your commissioner after the sit-out occurred

Referee Evaluation

Only coach can complete and submit to Commissioner