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QT Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I add a player to my roster after the Roster Freeze?

A: No, once rosters are frozen you may not add a player. In addition, if you advance to Round 2. You may not add players for Round Two.

Q: Can I change the jersey # of a player after the Roster Freeze?

A: Yes! A jersey # change is fine, however you must notify us to make that happen.

Q: Can I add a new Coach, Asst. Coach or Manager after the Roster Freeze.

A: Yes! Adding staff to your roster after the roster freeze is allowed. However, you must notify us!

Q: Our kits have not come in yet and some players don't have their jersey/shorts. What are our options?

A: All players must have the same color top and same color shorts. They do not have to be the same brand. For example. if some players are in a white game jersey, others can be in a white t-shirt. All players must have a permanently affixed number.  Shorts much also match in color.  For example, if you are wearing black shorts, all players must wear black shorts. They can be different brands or styles but they must be black. Reminder, your sock color must adhere to the following: If you are the home team, you are required to wear a White or Light colored jersey and a White or Light colored sock. If you are the away team, you are required to wear a Dark colored jersey and a dark colored sock.


Q: How can I check field status in case of inclement weather?

A: Make sure to download our app for both iOS and Android. Search for Girls Classic League. Once setup, enable notifications. Also we update our hotline and our field status page with the current field status which you can find by clicking here or navigate directly to our home page.

Q: Do I need to bring corner flags?

A: At the Qualifying Tournament we supply corner flags. During league play you will need to supply two corner flags to each match.

Q: Do I need to pay the referees?

A: At the Qualifying Tournament we will pay the referees. During league play you will the referees.

Q: Do I need to provide a match card/game card for each QT match?

A: No, at the Qualifying Tournament, we will provide all match cards. The players that are present in your virtual id cards are the players who will print on your match card.

Q: Is there a rule or policy about where spectators should sit?

A:  In general, parents should sit on the half of the sideline that is directly across from their player bench.  No one should be behind the goals. Only rostered adults may be on the sideline with the players.

Q: Can we walk across the fields to retrieve our players after the game or walk across the field to bring something to our player prior to the game or at half time?

A: Rule of thumb, NO ONE should be on the field of play at any time except the players, referees, team staff or GCL Staff. Please do not walk across the fields, or allow siblings to play in the goals before the match, after the match or at half time. This helps us preserve the quality of the fields.

Q: There are some un-used goals off to the side, can my younger children play in them, on them or kick into them?

A: No, we ask that all siblings and young spectators refrain from playing on, at or around un-used equipment. This equipment is not anchored and is dangerous to play on or around. Also the nets are very expensive and when young ones pull on them, not only is it a safety hazard it can damage them.

Q: How do I access my virtual ID Cards for my team? 

A: Click here for instructions on how to access my virtual id cards.

Q: I won't be at a match and no one else has access to my virtual id cards, what do I do?

A: You will need to make sure someone on your team has access to your GotSport account and can pull up the virtual id cards.

Q: After the game what happens to the Match/Game Sheet, and is there anything we need to do?

A: You (the Manager) or the Coach need to review the match card with the referee, initial it and hand it back to the referee. We will collect the game cards and post the scores shortly after retrieving them.

Q: I have an injured player and need an athletic trainer to come to my field, who do I call?

A: Manager's and Coaches or a Team representative may call the Trainer Hotline: 469-458-7008. We will dispatch a trainer to your field. Reminder, each home team is responsible for providing a field marshal for their match and that person is responsible for calling the hotline when help is needed.

Q: We qualified! What do we do now?

A: We have made this process super easy! We will register you for Girls Classic League Fall / Spring Play and send you an email asking you to complete a few things.

Good Luck!