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LHGCL & Calendar Year Registration

By League President, 01/12/16, 2:00PM CST


How your byes will be handled...

As we are all aware USSFs new Birth Year Registration Age Chart will become effective for the 2016/2017 Soccer Season. Our league must adhere to this new age chart. We support the Federations initiatives and feel the Clubs should have the flexibility to choose whether the bye should go with the youngest player or oldest player on bye eligible teams.


One bye - Two Choices.

Teams that have earned a bye back into our league and meet all current rule requirements for bye eligibility will have the opportunity to claim their bye 1 of 2 ways for the 2016-2017 year:
Option A. - Advance your bye naturally
(Ex. U11 team advances to U12). If this choice is made, your team would be classified by your youngest player. For example, a current 05 team roster which may contain 04 players can only register players containing 05 birth year and younger players. However it is important to note, your current 04 players would not be eligible for this roster/age group.
Option B. Advance your bye up a year. 
(Ex. U11 team advances to U13) If this choice is made, your team would be classified by your oldest player. For example, a current 05 roster with 04 players would register as an 04 team and your current 05 players would be playing "up" on that roster. 
Bye Claim Notification:
We will be releasing an electronic bye claim form to Team Coaches and Managers in the early spring. UPDATE: Due to Weather Reschedules the deadline for claiming your bye choice will now be May 23rd at midnight CST. Those bye eligible teams that DO NOT meet the May 23rd deadline will be advanced a year (Option B). You will NOT be able to change this so meeting the deadline will be very important.
Small Sided Games and 06 teams:
Incoming 06 teams may only have 06 players rostered to their team at U11. They will also be playing 9v9 for the QT and Fall/Spring Season. No 06 teams may enter the QT as U12s. 06 teams MUST enter the league through the U11 QT.
Newly formed 05 teams:
We encourage new Incoming 05 teams to register with Calendar Year players (05 Birth year). Newly formed 05 teams will enter through the U12 QT. We do expect some current U11 LHGCL teams to advance their byes to U12, therefore for the fall of 2016 U12 will play 11v11.  
The following playing year (2017-2018) both U11 and U12 will be playing 9v9.
We realize there will be many questions regarding this decision. We will be having a DOC/Coaches Mtg in late January (Date TBA) to answer your questions.
Thank you for your continued support of the Lake Highlands Girls Classic League.