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USYS National Pathways through Girls Classic League

#TheRoadStartsHere | Girls Classic League

Girls Classic League - Benefits and Pathways

  • Jr. Girls Academy League (JGAL) advancement to Division 1 Opportunities with the top 2 finishers in each division earning and 11U Division 1 Spot. Premier seeding for remaining teams entering the qualifying tournament and opportunities to earn remaining 11U Division 1 and Division 2 spots.
  • Secure a spot in GCL through the Annual GCL Qualifying Tournament
  • All teams that play in GCL are eligible for the National Pathways based on their division. (see chart)
  • USYS Regional League Qualification through Girls Classic League which includes the Frontier Conference under the National League Conference for top Division 1 finishers. National League Conference now includes National Showcase Events. See USYS for more info.