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League Fees

LEAGUE FEES 2024-2025

League Fee Description Due Date 24/25 League Fees
Returning Team Fee & Registration Fee 7/7/24 $800 Due
Fall League Fee 11U-18U/19U 8/1/24 $1800 Due
18/19U League Fee if playing Spring 2/1/25 $1800 Due
18/19U League Bond 8/1/24 $500 Due -Refundable
Spring League Fee 11U -17U 2/1/25 $1800 Due

Please note, you can choose to pay by Credit card or Check. If you choose to pay by credit card, the processing company will charge a fee and that will be included in your total. If you choose to pay by check, you will not be charged a processing fee but all check payments must be received by the posted due date.

LEAGUE FEES 2023-2024

League Fee Description Due Date 23/24 League Fees
Qualifying Tournament Fee 7/9/23 $900 Due
Returning Team Fee 7/9/23 $700 Due
Fall League Fee 8/8/23 $1650 Due
19U League Fee Fall Only 8/8/23 $1650 Due
19U League Bond 8/8/23 $500 Due -Refundable
Spring League Fee 2/1/24 $1650 Due

Payment of League Fees In GotSoccer

League Fees can be paid inside of your GotSport account by following these instructions.

1. Register for the League

1. Login to your GotSport Account and click on the team associated with the GCL Event. Click on the Team Registration Tab., then click on the GCL Event then click on Billing.

2. You can enter payment info or change payment info from this screen. 

Once you have done this we will be able to process your fees using your chosen payment method. (If you are paying by Credit Card  your payment is processed by the league, NOT when you hit submit).  When you enter your payment method at registration, we will use this payment method for all league fees unless you change your payment method in GotSport. League fees will only be charged on or after the due date.

Mailing payments to us:

(Please reference, CURRENT TEAM NAME and FEE TYPE in the memo
section of the check)

Lake Highlands Girls Classic League
P.O. Box 702581
Dallas, TX 75370


Age Group Middle (Ea. Team pays half) Linesman (Ea. Team pays one AR)
11U / 12U $50 ($25 from ea. team) $32 (from ea. team)
13U / 14U $76 ($38 from ea. team) $50 (from ea. team)
15U / 16U $80 ($40 from ea. team) $55 (from ea. team)
17U / 18U / 19U $90 ($45 from ea. team) $60 (from ea. team)

Late Fees Policy

20% late fee will be added to fees not paid by the due date. If payment is still not received 7 days past the due date, games will be forfeited until all fees are paid. Forfeit fees and referee fees will apply.

Fees Explained

Example Fee Explanation:

The $500 19U Bond Fee is only due from 19U Teams and must be paid by check, money order or credit card. The payment will be deposited, but the  fee is refundable via check at the end of the year if all league requirements are met. If you choose to pay this by credit card the processing company will charge an additional fee that is non-refundable.

GCL Full League Fees Explained
Bye Teams: For example, on a team of 18 players your per player cost for a full year of play is only $244 for the entire year of play. (Not including referee fees) 

Please make sure you have a payment type on file for all league fees.