All age groups must maintain a minimum of 14 players on their roster.  ALL teams are allowed 22 players on their roster.  Unlimited guest players will be allowed per team. Unlimited club pass players are also allowed.

The following rules will apply during the tournament. In the event a situation arises that is not covered in these tournament rules, the LHGCL rules will govern. Certain circumstances may arise that the LHGCL Tournament Director and/or LHGCL President believes an exception to these rules must be made in the best interest of the teams and/or league. In that event, the ruling(s) made by the LHGCL Tournament Director and/or LHGCL President will prevail. No protests are allowed, except questions regarding ineligible or illegal players. A written protest must be filed with the LHGCL Tournament Director within two hours after the game in question, accompanied by a $100 protest fee (cash, cashier’s check, or money order only) which will be refunded only if an ineligible or illegal player is discovered. In the unlikely event there is a question regarding admissibility of a team or teams into the league, the LHGCL Executive Board has the absolute authority to decide on the question. No appeal of the decision is allowed.

Uniform Policies:

All players on each team must wear matching uniforms; that is, jerseys, shorts, and socks must be the same color and design as the other members of their team. Each player’s jersey must have a permanently affixed number on the back (also applies to alternate jerseys) which shall be the same number as on the official and game day rosters, except the goalie, whose jersey shall be distinct from both teams and the referee. A number is not required on the goalkeeper’s jersey. 

Home team (first team listed on the schedule) shall wear white, or must change jerseys if the referee deems there to be a color conflict. Visiting teams shall not wear white unless the home team agrees to wear a color other than white or in unusual circumstances with LHGCL Qualifying Tournament Director permission.The referee must be notified if the home team is not in white. All teams are required to have alternate jerseys with the proper numbers for each player.All players are required to wear shin guards that must be covered by the player’s socks. Shirttails should be tucked in at all times. All teams should take notice that white jerseys are required in LHGCL regular season play.  Teams that fail to have proper uniforms run the risk of forfeiting.

Team Information:

1.       The Home Team is listed first on the schedule

2.       Both Teams should present a No. 5 ball to the referee, who will choose one for use as a game ball.

3.       All Games will have 40 minute halves              

General Rules:

1.       Misconduct:

a.       A player receiving a second yellow card in a single game is suspended for the balance of that game and the next game. The two yellow cards received in that match will not count towards yellow card accumulation listed below, but shall be counted as a single red card for accumulation. 

b.       Any player that receives a red card or any coach/assistant coach who is sent off is suspended for the balance of that game and the next game. If the red card is issued during the teams last game the player or coach/assistant coach may be referred to North Texas for further sanctions. A player may be at the field for the next game, but may not wear any part of her uniform and may not go onto the pitch with her team at any time.

c.        Any coach, assistant coach, manager, parent or team representative that is ejected (or receives his second official caution in the tournament) or asked to leave the game by the referee shall immediately leave the complex and may not attend the next game his team plays in the tournament, nor can he be present at the complex. (For this purpose, “complex” includes the playing fields, surrounding streets, parking lots, and/or open fields or any location where the game can be observed.) Violation of this rule may be cause for a forfeiture of the game by the offending party’s team and may cause the team to lose eligibility for the league.

d.       Misconduct on the part of any team, coach, player, parent, spectator, or anyone associated in any way with a team can be considered to be detrimental to our league and, therefore, may be cause to withhold a team’s or individual’s invitation for participation in the league. All persons participating in and/or attending this tournament are expected to conduct themselves in a mature and sportsmanlike manner.

e.       A Cumulative Card System for this tournament will operate as follows:

i.      Red Cards:One game automatic suspension for the game following an individual’s first red card of the tournament. Two game automatic suspension following such individual’s second red card of the tournament.

2.       Each team must have a minimum of 8 players to start a game; and 7 players eligible to play to continue a game.  

3.      NO TIME ALLOWANCE WILL BE MADE FOR LATE ARRIVALS. The games must start on time or immediately after the previous game on the field is completed. No time will be allowed for additional players to arrive. Teams with fewer than 8 players available at the time when the game can begin will forfeit.

4.       Unlimited substitutions are allowed and substitutions can be made during any game stoppage.

5.       The LHGCL Tournament Director and/or LHGCL President (not the referee) will be responsible for all decisions regarding forfeits.

6.       Inclement weather policy: In the event of inclement weather, the Tournament Director will determine whether games should proceed.  In the event of lightning, all personnel will be required to leave the fields and go to their cars.  Games will resume as determined by the Tournament Director. If inclement weather cancels the tournament prior to the completion of a team’s first scheduled game of the tournament, a maximum of fifty percent (50%) of the team’s entry fee may be retained by the tournament to cover start-up cost of the tournament.