New LHGCL Videography/Policy in effect for 2017/18

Lake Highlands Girls Classic League (“LHGCL”) recognizes that over the course of a season Parents, Relatives, Team-mates and Friends will, on occasion, wish to take video or photographs of players involved in league games.

LHGCL further recognizes that in the age of the Internet and social media that there is greater sensitivity regarding the taking and use of another’s image, in particular, with regard to images of children.

It is in this context that LHGCL has established the following:

  1. At the commencement of each season it is recommended that the Team Manager and/or Coach facilitates an open discussion amongst those involved with their team regarding the taking and use of photographs and video which should encompass the following points.
    1. Ensure that any photograph or video that is taken is appropriate in both form and content.
    2. Ensure that no photograph or video taken by you is reproduced or posted in any public forum without the permission of all those shown therein or their parents in the case of children.
    3. Ensure that any photograph or video of others posted by you in any public forum does not include any name or other personal or identifying information without the permission of that person or their parent in the case of children.
  2. Any photograph or video taken by or on behalf of LHGCL will also comply with all of the advice given above.
  3. Any photographer or videographer who is not a parent, friend or relative of someone involved in a LHGCL match must register with LHGCL, pay a yearly admin fee ($25), pass a background check and be credentialed through our approval process.
  4. Any such photographer or videographer credentialed by the LHGCL will carry with them a Photographer identification pass which they must clearly display at all times while at matches involving LHGCL.
  5. On the player sidelines, 2 approved individuals may set-up equipment but only 1 LHGCL approved credentialed individual may operate equipment and be present on the player sideline during game time (per team) and must not interfere with the match, coaches or players. Either coach from either team has the ability to decline ANY credentialed videographer for any reason at any time and can request that any video or photography equipment be moved from the player sideline.
  6. LHGCL reserves the right to question and/or remove any person taking photographs or video at LHGCL events where there is any concern that they may not be complying with the above principles.