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Requesting Blackout dates

How to choose your blackout dates..

League Blackout dates are a helpful tool if you absolutely must be off during League play. We do ask that you choose them carefully. We only have so many play dates we can play in the fall. Travel Teams, you are restricted to only weekend play so utilizing all 6 blackout dates for the fall is unreasonable and may not be approved.  You do NOT have to utilize all 6 black out dates. 

These are due August 9th, 2022 See step by step instructions below or watch the video for a tutorial.

  • Login to GotSport
  • Click on Team Management
  • Click on your Team
  • Click on Team Registrations
  • Click on our Event
  • Click Scheduling Requests
  • Click the date on the Calendar you wish to black-out, look at the top and you will see two options.
  • Click NEW BLACKOUT, Then Click Create Schedule Param


How to choose Blackout Dates