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2019 Qualifying Tournament

2019 Qualifying Tournament
Tournament Dates: July 23 – July 28 and Aug 3 & 4
Registration fee: $900 


2019 Qualifying Tournament instructions

1. Complete Tournament Registration using the following link:

Qualifying Tournament registration link

Upload your 2019/2020 official roster using the Documents link in Got Soccer by July 12th.  While we don't require your Medical Releases, you should be able to show them if asked.

2. Payment of $900 is due at registration: echeck, credit cards are accepted

If you're paying by regular check or money order, they should be mailed in time to be received by July 12.  Cash will not be accepted, REGISTRATION CLOSES AT 5PM JULY 12th.

Mail checks/MOs to:

Lake Highlands Girls Classic League
P.O. Box 702581
Dallas, TX 75370


3. July 14 (Sunday 6pm) Attend the MANDATORY manager's meeting to be held on the UTD campus in the Davidson Auditorium in the Jindal School of Management.  Print a copy of the Team Acknowledgement (click text to download) and bring it to the meeting.  Your registration is not complete until we receive the signed document, which should be delivered, in person at the close of the meeting.

4. July 19th -5pm Rosters will be frozen, no additional changes will be allowed.
Prior to the roster freeze, If you make Roster Changes in GotSoccer you must upload a new Official Roster reflecting those changes. Click on the event, then Documents to upload a new Official Signed Roster.

5. July 23 Round 1 Tournament begins.


Mandatory Manager Meeting Sunday July 14th

Reminder QT Mandatory Manager Meeting is 
Sunday July 14th at 6pm.


Location: Jindal School of Management JSOM at UTD (University of Texas Dallas)

 Davidson Auditorium

Parking: See instructions below 
Attendance is Mandatory, bring the team acknowledgement form.


Parking Instructions for the meeting: 

Please park in the LOT M Parking Lot as indicated on the map below

Follow the directions below when parking. If you do not, you run the risk of receiving a parking ticket from UTD. 


QT Manager Meeting Parking Code: 33007182

1. Enter the Lot M and turn right

2. Park in the non reserved spaces.

3. After you park your vehicle, make note of your space/stall #

4. Head towards the parking Kiosk, which is near the cross walk.

5. Press any button on the keypad to start.

6. Enter your parking space number, or "stall number," then push the green "OK" button.

7. Press "1" to Purchase Ticket.

8. Press "2" to Pay by Coupon.

9. Enter the number of hours for which you would like to park and press the green "OK" button. (2 hours should be sufficient)

10. Enter your coupon code number and press the green "OK" button.

11. Collect and keep your receipt. The time your parking expires is printed on your receipt.


Jindal School of Management Map

Game Day Reminders

Managers / Coaches

YOU MUST have the GOTSOCCER app loaded on a smart phone or tablet. The referees will use this to check players prior to kick-off. For instructions on how to download the app and login, CLICK HERE

ALL PHOTOS must be present in your GotSoccer Account. No exceptions.

ALL JERSEY #s must match your Virtual ID Cards and Roster. No exceptions.

No photo = No Play, Wrong Jersey Number = No Play. 

Managers, please make sure you have a copy of your Medical Releases with you at all times in case needed.

If there is a roster issue at the field, FIND A LEAGUE OFFICIAL. Referees can NOT change a game card or authorize a player to play if their jersey # does not match or they are missing a photo.





QT Managers Meeting Sunday July 14th at 6pm

Mandatory for all QT Team Managers
Date: July 14th
Time: 6pm
Location: UTD Jindal school of management, Davidson Auditorium

Important Information

LHGCL Concussion Policy

Click on the link above for all information regarding the LHGCL Concussion Policy and Procedures.