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U19 - 2017 Playoff Schedule

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February 2017 Field Marshal Schedule

Click the Link above for a Full List of the Mandatory Team Volunteer Field Marshal Schedule.

Field Marshal Information: 

** All Teams are required to provide two volunteer field marshals as per the schedule

** Field Marshals need to check in 5 minutes prior to their schedule time with the League Official on Duty at the scheduled complex.

** Failure to provide Volunteers for your teams scheduled time will result in a $100 fine per missing field marshal volunteer. Fines must be received prior to your next scheduled game. Late Fee Policy applies.

** Field Marshals must be at least 18 years of age and in good standing with LHGCL.

Roster Changes, CPP Requests, and Concussion Clearance deadlines

All roster change, CPP requests and concussion clearances must be submitted by the following deadline:

Weeknight games: Must be received by 1pm the day prior to your weeknight game

ALL Weekend games: Must be received by 5pm, the Thursday prior to your weekend game.


All Yellow and Red cards are reported on the game card. Team managers are no longer needed to fill out an additional report. See the A&D rules for more details on the card accumulation system.

Sit Out Verification

To be turned into your commissioner after the sit-out occurred

Referee Evaluation

Only coach can complete and submit to Commissioner



If your team is staying in a hotel during the season,
you must make all reservations through:
Sue Davis at Travel All Seasons
800-880-0484 or 972-392-9800