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2015/2016 Playing Format Addendum Released

The 2015/16 Playing Format Addendum has been released. Please CLICK HERE to view and familiarize yourself with the 2015/2016 playing format as well as Fees, and Promotion/Relegation. This addendum is only valid for the 2015/2016 playing year. 

2015 College Signees

    Changes Coming for 2016/2017

    09/23/2015, 10:30am CDT
    By League President

    Calendar Year Registration & Small Sided Games Coming Fall of 2016

    Articles have been circulating for some time now regarding the Federations Player Development Initiatives. You can view the article and download the full presentation by clicking here. Many have asked why? I encourage each of you to read the above link and familiarize yourself with the long term plan. Every initiative is an effort to focus on stronger player development at the younger ages and bring Birth Year Registration inline with International standards.
    The two key initiatives are:
    • Small Sided Standards
    • Birth Year Registration
    Small Sided Games.
    Starting with the 2016 Qualifying Tournament, LHGCL will introduce Phase I of the New Small Sided Standards by introducing 9v9 for U11 teams. It is important to note, that 9v9 will only be played at the U11 level in 2016. By 2017 we will be in full compliance with the Federation's plan and both U11 and U12 will be 9v9. The 9v9 field size will change to accommodate this initiative. Smaller fields and smaller goals.
    Birth Year Registration and how it affects your Current LHGCL Teams.
    The Age Chart reflects the new Age Groupings for 2016 by Playing Year. LHGCL will move forward with this new age chart in the fall of 2016.
    U10 - 06s
    U11 - 05s
    U12 - 04s
    U13 - 03s
    U14 - 02s
    U15 - 01s
    U16 - 00s
    U17 - 99s
    U18 - 98s
    U19 - 97s
    All teams currently in our league can move up with their byes. Your team age designation will change and the oldest player on your team will become your team's age. The younger players on your team are allowed to play up (as long as they are of competitive age).
    For example: Current U11 Teams are considered 05s this year and your roster is made up 05 and 04 birth year players. Next fall, your team will move to U12 and your team will be considered an 04 team with your 05 players allowed to play up on that team. This pattern will follow through all of our age groups.
    Incoming U11 Teams will be 05 teams with 05 Birth Year players. Current 06 players by North Texas Rules are not allowed to play up into a competitive age group. It is recommended that teams start planning for this shift now. 06 birth year players will continue in Academy and will be eligible for competitive play in 2017.
    Change is always hard, but the player development initiatives as outlined by the Federation are a long term plan for better player development and selection at the national level. We are all encouraged to support these changes as the landscape of Youth Soccer evolves. 


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